Real Dreams

Doubt is only the dark whispering to the light
A demon forked-tongue sharpened with spite
Fear is the dismal ghost of past reprimand
Punch it in the face and bring your dreams to your hand

‘Cause if you wait
Then growth suspends
And if you hate
It just makes dead ends…

Each failed effort a cobblestone in the road
To success, so let your spirit unload
To deny intent is to soak in lament
So erect your temple among the squabbling tents

For you’ve got to believe
That you can achieve
When the hard times come
It’s the first thing you will need

As Buddha said, “With our thoughts we make the world”
In pursuing your dreams a kind of heaven unfurls
So now open yourself to your inner desires
Flap your soul’s wings and soar higher and higher

Go seize your fate
The power is in you
When you dedicate
Then providence moves too

~A Poem By Percy Crow
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Percy Crow, © 2014

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