You May Not Know This

You may not know this,
But now that you are not here,
I can't forget you,
Or let you go.

In this amazing world,
With technology at its best,
I use it often,
To keep a check on you.

I know that I said,
I didn't want to be with you anymore,
But you were my drug,
And its hard to move on.

If you ever feel my presence anywhere,
Know for sure that I will be there,
Every success, every failure,
From the shadows, I will support you.

You may not know this,
Or must have stopped to care,
From the far distances of our separate lives,
I still love you, more than ever.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014


  1. Wow, such heartfelt words... is this fiction or reality?



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