He Walks Ahead

He walks ahead,
Pretending to look behind,
Calls out to me,
And says, it's time I caught up.

I am confused,
Not sure, what he wants,
But I am afraid to admit.

I want to sort things out,
Quit while I am lagging behind,
Still genuinely naive;
I am all out of hope.

I want him to stop playing,
This game of Catch and catch,
Cause I keep faulting over the rules.

I am seriously tired,
Frustrated and de-motivated,
And I wish he would just,
Ask me to leave.

I don't know whether,
He is just being cruel,
Or he is scared to be alone.

I know I am being a fool here,
But the truth is,
I am too afraid to let go,
As this game has engulfed me.

I don't know whom to trust,
Or what my life will be outside his love,
I seek solace in my misery.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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