I Want To Find

I am surrounded by noise,
People, buildings, vehicles.
All pushing me towards something,
It is as if they are trying to give me,
A key to my destiny.

A key that will heal all my pain,
Bring me fame, success and maybe more,
And yet I find myself running,
In the opposite direction,
Yes, I am running away.

I shout aloud,
I don’t want any of this,
I just want some peace,
Some silence, some people who I can trust,
Fame, success, I can follow later.

I want to find something else first,
I want to look within,
And find the beauty that I think,
I have lost,
I want to find ME!!!

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014


  1. Finding yourself is definitely the first step to success, lovely choice of words:)



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