It's Difficult To Let Go

I burned all the pictures,
And every letter and gift,
But what do I do with all these memories,
That never let me forget you.

And there are all our common friends,
Of our past tied together,
It’s like every step I try to take forward,
An incident pulls me back again.

And each day, I promise myself to let go,
But each day is an uphill battle for me,
It's not that difficult I reckon,
I just have to start my life anew.

And walk away from my past,
I know I can do that,
But I am too scared to let go,
I have become accustomed to all the crying.

I know what keeps me still hanging,
On a thread so weak, it’s because,
I am too scared to walk away,
From everything, that’s you.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014


  1. Move on is the name of life...nicely penned

  2. The 'you' at the end of the poem for me once was my ex, and believe me I had the toughest time of my life...I can totally relate to all the emotions you have penned down..but you eventually learn to move on in life because the past was not deserving :)

    1. Well said Najm... Thanks for sharing... It feels good to get some perspective :)

  3. So true.Sometimes relations don't work out,and sometimes its best to let go,how much ever difficult it might be.

  4. well yeah move on eveyone say but not easy to move on and very difficult to let go




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