Small Change

Debates are raging hot
The climate’s wrecked or not
Are carbon levels shot?
Or is it sunspots?

Seas are rising high
Iceberg tides are nigh
Will we all be fried
As temperatures rise?

A priceless pearl spent up
Small change in our cup
What fortune will pass on
To our daughters and our sons?

What is this mental fog?
We’re choking on the smog
A haze strangles the bruised sky
Lung cancer, asthma high

We need to stop

Oil ships capsizing
Make clean seas to swim in
Cleaner air to breath
A good world to bequeath

For nothing is obscene
With energy that’s green
The air can then be clean
And our planet redeemed

There’ll be no social cost
Jobs will not be lost
New industries will replace
Retrain to save this place

Coal and oil are finite
While the Sun shines bright
With the wind and tidal seas
There’s enough energy…

~A Poem By Percy Crow
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Percy Crow, © 2014

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