A Tribute To Our Indian Soldiers!

Leaving behind your gracious family;
Lovely wife & an infant child;
Waving good bye to your faithful pals;
You planted yourself on our 'Soil'!

Never bother if it is a stormy rain;
Or winter sleet; Or burning summer hot!
You stand there across, starving & in thirst;
Unselfishly to protect every human, every life!

Give freedom, peace & safe guard our mother;
But boundless pain & death you pay!
Brave heart & a 'Living God', without you;
We can never have, a morsel peacefully!

Far away from home, in the deserts;
In the world of rifles, bombs & bullets!
Giving up all dreams & wishes in Life;
You stand there across the borders!

The real hero of our proud tri colour;
And a true son of our motherland!
We Indians stand & salute you;
As our flag flies high in the sky!!

~A Poem By Daneshwari Mirji
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Daneshwari Mirji, © 2014

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