Ballad Of A Wishful Soul

From where I was standing
Thoughts wander far beyond the horizon
The dawn's breaking and the sun are young
The twist has no exhaustion,
I'm drained of strength, notwithstanding,
Faith works fine to manage a hope from failing.
Flashbacks crowded my brain;
The poignant scenario stirred my spirit
So vast, that I can't stop looking.
Their anguish is undeniable
Their pain is consuming, it seeps through my veins
Blamed for their incapacity,
But applied to put the influential in capacity.
The lawmakers write down the promises of good will
Only to get  obscured in ancient history,
Precious dreams contained in misty mirage.
When I tried to reach out, I felt a cold forlorn hand
I don't cognize how to break through and I can't back down.
The single soul, I was enthused
Aren't just for poetry's accentuation,
But the unheeded reality we are in.
I blinked and I thought I caught a faint yet, contagious smile.
Oh, the sun is up! Am back to where I am,
Thoughts raced like the clouds across my mind;
We endure to find answers
Only to run into more questions.
Still, the kickoff of our fervent journey
Is always the unfamiliar.

~A Poem By Joyce Tan Catain
(Our Guest Poet of the Day)

Joyce Tan Catain, © 2014

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