He broke my heart,
And left me midway,
On a crowded street,
Named "Mystery".

And for some time,
I couldn’t breathe,
I thought I wouldn’t live,
But life had other plans for me.

While I was crying and creating hell,
Reliving all the beautiful moments,
And choking on them,
He had moved on.

And I was stuck with,
Rejection, De-motivation,
Confusion, Delusion, Hatred,
And all things I didn’t need.

And people tried to help,
Friends, family,
Strangers on the street,
But nothing helped.

And then after sometime,
It stopped hurting,
Time was healing me,
Spring was on its way.

Things have changed for me,
I look at those memories of us,
And don’t feel any regret,
The anger, hatred is gone.

Cause, I decided on a,
Certain day, that I didn’t,
Want to live on a path,
Called "Yesterday".

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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