Selfish Love

Some people can’t see others at all,
And it’s not like they are blind,
It’s just that they are too self obsessed.

Maybe no one taught them to love,
Or to care,
Or maybe they had once loved,
And then been betrayed.

But no matter what their story,
It still doesn’t give them the right,
To play with others feelings.

When someone loves you,
You either love them in return or,
You set them free or,
You help them get over you.

But these self obsessed people,
Love to take Love, So instead of giving,
They either take or act completely naive.

But that’s how life is,
Who said it wasn't fair?
If it has its share of selfless people,
Then it had to have a few selfish too.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014


  1. conveys the emotions just perfectly! good work :)

  2. *take a bow*
    Loved it. You've expressed a truth that's deep, dark and sad in simple words.

    1. *and then she bows*
      Thank you so much Sankara for your encouraging words :)



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