Cause I Miss You So Much

I once opened the dictionary,
To check the meaning of,
The words - to miss someone.

And it said it meant,
To feel the absence of someone,
And that's exactly how I feel, Right now.

But it forgot to mention a few things more,
Like how it was so much more,
Than just a feeling.

It was the hope of trying not to forget.
It was the emotion to remember,
To love and to cherish the past.

So that its essence,
Would still linger in the present.
And stay put in the future.

But I soon realized that no one word can justify,
How much you meant to me.
Or what your loss has made me feel.

But wherever you are,
I know you know.
That with every moment that passes by.

I will always always always love you,
And remember you fondly,
With all my heart.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014


  1. Nice Poem Frizz. The silence of loss is... I have looked up multiple words to better define a phrase.

    1. Thank you so much Jeff... Glad you are always there with your inspiring words... :)



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