He Does Just The Opposite

He says he cares for me,
But then goes ahead,
And does just the opposite.

For days now,
He doesn't pick up my call,
And then on a blue moon, he calls.

And I have come to the point,
Where I can't decide,
Whether I matter to him or not.

I knew this person once,
Who couldn't do without,
Talking to me.

But he has never lied,
And I know he isn't cheating,
So I wonder, am I over thinking?

That maybe he is really busy,
Like he says,
And that he still cares.

There is a part of me,
That still wants to believe,
And another part that says, I must leave.

Till I decide, he has some leverage,
Maybe because a part of me,
Still believes in us.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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