I Stopped Believing In Love

I stopped believing in Love,
The day you walked out,
On Us.

And let people dwell in it,
It’s none of my concern,
I don’t really care.

I did mourn for a few days,
Looked at the gate,
Hoped your return.

And every time the bell rang,
I ran to the door,
Praying for a miracle.

But soon I realized the gag,
The joke was on me.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014


  1. It's better to have been battered than not to have loved at all.

    1. You think so Tomichanji? Many have told me the same... But I often wonder... :)

  2. Well written and thanks to the goners, one is now strong and probably, the right one this time..

  3. This is something I relate too and I love it how you pen the right emotion in the words! Beautiful!



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