When We Met, Again

We had so much in common,
No wonder we ended up together,
But then as our priorities changed,
Our relationship changed too.

And I wanted to move on,
But he didn't see it that way,
He thought I was giving up too easy,
I thought he was stuck to the past.

We had our share of fights,
And things ended on a bitter note,
Why couldn't he understand me or see,
The changes in us?

Then one day we happened to meet in a party,
It was really awkward,
I didn't say a word,
Neither did he.

But throughout the night,
Every glance of mine,
Was met with his,
A day later, he called.

I don't know what it was,
Whether we had changed again,
Or it was just love,
But this time we were supposed to be together forever.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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