Don't Shut That Door On Me

Don't shut that door on me,
Said I to him,
Because when you do that,
I feel all around lost.

I question my relation to you,
You are my hope,
My better half.

In a world that's so confusing,
When every other relation,
Is secondary,
You and me, we are a happy couple.

But there are times when you keep secrets,
And tell me that it's for,
My own good.

But baby, I don't need that kind of,
I would rather see the world,
For what it is.

I am sensitive most of the times,
And react to almost everything,
But I am also learning now.

So give me some leverage,
And share with me,
Lets keep that door open,
For the trust in you and me.

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2014



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