Toxic People

We had always been friends,
But over the years,
Had grown to depend,
Too much on each other.

A day wouldn’t go by,
Without talking,
No matter the time,
The distance or the people around.

Somewhere in between,
Our lines of friendship,
And Love crossed,
We never realized until it was too late.

We were both too toxic,
Fragile, Negative, Dependent,
Emotional, Lonely, Careless,
Hurt and Misunderstood.

And a combination like us,
Was lethal or so I thought,
I was scared that someday,
He would hurt me too much.

So I had to let him go,
And even when my heart,
Was breaking,
I tried to be strong.

But every now and then,
I ask a friend to check,
If he is alright,
In mind and sound.

And every now and then,
I want to know,
If he still loves,
And misses me.

Sometimes I find myself,
Regretting my decision,
But I know for sure,
We were never meant to be.

~ Fizaah Faiyaz, © 2015

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