Why Blame Only Me?

Why blame only me?
I ask in the court of life.
Why punish only me?
There are others who are responsible as well...

Call here, the first guy who I loved,
Who promised to love me forever,
But ran away even before the first storm....

Call here, all my friends,
Who took my advice and help,
But ran away when their turn came...

Call here, all my neighbours,
Who always spoke behind my back,
But ran away when they saw me....

Call here, every person who I trusted,
Who I helped and cared about,
The ones who couldn't for a moment,
Be honest and tell me the truth.

I am guilty as charged,
But don't forget the instigators.
Make them stand by my side,
If not you, at least let me punish them...

~ A Poem By Fizz, © 2015


  1. Beautifully Written! I like the way you write..

  2. Very well said, It reminds me Amitabh's dialogues, jao unka sign le aao jisne mere haath par likha there baap chor hai, jao unka sign le aao.........

    1. Hahaha... Bang on... Those exact thoughts came into my mind after I had written it :)

  3. It is fact that we all blame others, but can not see towards ourselves. Very nice post.

  4. True--every word,and so nicely penned.

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words Indu :)

      P.S: You have been missed..



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