I Called To Say Hi!

I called to say Hi,
Not because you had a bad day,
Or for not all days are good,
Or that she broke your heart.

I called to say Hi,
Wanting you to reply,
With anything other than Bye,
Discussing things that we never would talk.

I called to say Hi,
Hoping that you would understand,
That sometimes life can be unfair,
And it's perfectly fine to feel betrayed.

I called to say Hi,
Not wanting to state a why,
Because I am scared of my lonely heart,
The one that's asking me to make an effort.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz, © 2015


  1. Such beautiful lines of love and hope... :)
    We often hope to hear something other than a bye""!!

    1. Well said, Lancelot... And thank you for your kind words of support :)



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