All The Chapters Were Over

I have flipped the pages of our book,
Tried to see everything in and out,
But nothing seems to fit,
I close the book and keep it down.

We had a beautiful love story once,
That ran its course,
And sometime in-between, we gave up too soon,
Fight and accusations started.

We were in a mess,
With no idea about the future,
We decided to part,
Not wanting to let ourselves get destroyed in the way.

But often I wonder if we did the right thing,
Years later all I remember are the good times we had,
The euphoria in our love,
And that we could have saved our relationship.

So I opened the book,
And looked at our story in its entirety,
Soon I realized that we did what we thought best,
Because we knew that all our chapter were over.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz



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