Just The Way I Am

Could you kindly open the door,
And ask him to walk out,
Cause I am wiser now,
And won't be bossed around.

I pull out the baggy jeans,
The one that he disliked the most,
Will say goodbye to all the dieting,
I am finally getting around my weight.

I will put on make-up as much as I want,
A bright red lipstick maybe,
And forget how he always wanted me,
To tone down the colour.

I will cut my hair short,
A pixie would look so cute,
He thought it looked too tomboyish,
And never did I revolt.

But nothing I ever did,
Could keep him satisfied,
So I stood up and quit,
And threw his ass out.

Because I am beautiful,
Just the way I am,
It took me some time to realise,
But now that I am here, I am not going back.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz, © 2015


  1. I think this is the essence of feminism- to be what you want to be...to do what you love to do, without caring for anyone.... :-)

    1. Rightly said, Maniparna... Thank you for your support...

  2. And this is how you accept yourself.. Brilliantly portrayed..
    No use being in a relation where you're bossed around, controlled like you have no say in your own life..

    1. So true.... But sadly few identify and then reflect on the same Lance... :(



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