Mom wants me to act a certain way,
Comparing me to standards she has set,
As much as I respect her,
I can never be like her.

Dad wants me to be like my mother,
Making sacrifices,
Taking care of people as she goes along,
Stronger than him.

The rest of the people,
Want me to just mingle with the society,
Do as per norms,
Be certain to not stand out.

I am a whole lot confused,
I don't know what a woman is,
But I am trying to find out,
I want to be my own kind of Woman.

The one that is not afraid,
To speak her mind,
The one who is not defined by labels,
Or by the sacrifices, she makes.

The one who isn't afraid to,
Love and get hurt on the way,
The one who doesn't have to choose between a career and family.

I am trying to tell my own story,
There are too many disruptions on the way,
But when I ultimately get there,
I will be the woman I want to be.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz

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