I walked out on you,
Cause you told me we were through,
I started to stroll,
In a direction opposite to you...

Then so many years since,
Why do I get to see your face,
Staring at me,
As if you can't believe I could survive....

It's true that it was a shock for me,
A broken heart, and a few broken dreams,
But the day it all went down,
Is the last day I cried for you...

I promised myself I would be strong,
So I moved on,
To things I wanted to do,
But sacrificed for you.

To people who were supportive,
And understood me,
Unlike you who never had the time,
Or the intention to just listen.

It wasn't all your fault,
I reckon, so a while ago,
I forgave myself,
And then you too.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz



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