He sat looking outside the window, 
Oblivious to the world,
Thoughts were running wild in his head,
Creating chaos, yet he looked a sea of calm.

It was only yesterday,
His dreams were closer than ever before,
All he had to do was stretch his hands,
Far and wide, life would be his.

His mom was his teacher,
The only one he ever could trust,
A sibling too small,
And a father too weak, who left them long ago.

Today, as he waited to bury his sweet angel,
Memories of his childhood flood him by,
How his mother called his name,
And a hug from her made everything all right.

Life wasn't meant to be this way,
After years he had been happy,
He finally had a chance to make his mother proud,
But before she could see him rise, she was away.

His sister came running to call him,
He looked lovingly at her,
He knew he still had a purpose,
Even though he was the boy at a loss.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz

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