Life’s a journey,
With moments good and bad,
How we deal with it,
Night and day,
Makes us who we are.

A lot of love, care and joy,
Are like miracle workers,
More than we realise.

Family, friends, a special someone,
Are the ones that support you,
In more ways than one.

If ever you feel worn out,
Dissatisfied, or angry,
Remember your strengths,
And believe in yourself.

Because life can be a pain at times,
But at times, we forget that it also is,
A mother’s hug, a sister’s care,
A father’s concern, a friend’s abuse.

Ballroom dancing, a relay race, a puppy at home,
Graduation, the moon and the stars,
And everything else that ever makes your heart skip a beat,
Life’s a journey to Live, So live it well.

~ A Poem By Fizaah Faiyaz


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