I won't lie to you,
Every time I see a couple pass by,
I cringe inside,
Wanting what they have.

And I know that I am far away from it,
Without a crush or love around,
And none seem to be in sight,
Near or far.

I won't lie to you,
As much as I relish my independence,
There is still a big part of me,
That craves someone beloved to call my own.

And walk hand in hand,
On a street full of people,
With whom I can share a joke,
And who understands me more than anyone I know.

I want the institution that's called marriage,
And a man who won't want me
to choose between a career or a kid,
Who won't disappear because my ideas reek feminism.

I won't lie to you,
I love to watch rom-com often,
And I sometimes cry on a really emotional scene,
Even though I look tough, I have a heart that's crazy for love.

And I don't speak this in desperation,
My apologies if I sound so,
But wanting to state the matters of my heart,
I just wanted to be honest with you.

I am a single girl,
Standing in front of you,
Looking for love and respect,
And not wanting to settle for anything less.


  1. This is a lovely poetry Fizah.. Hope the guy reads this :D

    1. Well, hopefully I wish for the same too... I don't want to be with an illiterate guy... LOL :)



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