I don't know if this is the best way
to breakup with you.
I know people tease Taylor Swift for doing it too,
but what the hell, I am beyond that already.

I won't tell you that,
you are a good person and that you deserve better than me,
because that is too cliché and mear words.
They mean nothing to the bleeding heart.

On a relationship built on trust,
you and I have both avoided facing the truth.
In the last few years we have grown
unfortunately in opposite directions.

And it's not that we just gave up.
We tried everything we could,
but the love just went out.
What's left is only respect.

And we can't go forward stuck together
only for that one reason.
It doesn't seem fair
to either of us.

When you are done reading this,
I shall be out waiting. Let’s sit and talk.
Save what we still have left -
good memories and our friendship.



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