I once knew a boy,
Ambitious and strong,
But as he grew,
He fell in love.

But it soon deluded him,
And in search of it, 
he ran like mad,
which made him frail.

Ultimately the man he became,
was heartbroken and weak.
He had the potential to be the king,
But he just didn't see the love within him.

I see the same potential in you my child,
You are stronger than you know,
Like most you have your doubts,
And are searching for something that can fix you.

But don't run seeking it,
For you too will burn down,
Have the patience and build on your confidence,
Find the love within.

Promise me, that when your time comes,
You won't turn into me,
The man who could have been the king,
But settled for everything.

1 comment:

  1. A very well motivational poem. Well written. Liked it. :-)



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