I have had my bouts of insecurity, anxiety, anger
and the likes.
And often it stems from
self doubt and a
low self esteem.

In the beginning,
I used to be just restless.
Then the aggression grew.
And I fought and I punched.
The worst affected
were my family and friends.

I tried yoga and then
And slowly I had my
Books, read books,
a yogi said.

So I picked up a few.
At the start,
nothing helped.
Then from a shelf,
I picked up a psychology one.
One book led to another.

Slowly, I put the pieces
Doubts can be killers,
often others put them in you.
Mostly, you believe them
and treat yourself worse.

It's a constant fight inside.
Sometimes I win, but
at times I am lost in the games.
There is one thing for sure, I know.
Love and compassion
will help me through.

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