Birthday's are a happy time,
You celebrate your entering
this beautiful world.

When you are a baby
there are others around you,
telling you how important the day is.

Then somewhere in between
you start making a big fuss
about it too.

Often keeping tabs on who wished you,
wanting to be treated
like a Princess or Prince.

Years pass, you start working
and realise the ugly face
and see the unfairness of the world.

Slowly, your birthday
stops being such a big thing.
You start resenting them.

People around you may still
want to celebrate.
But what's the point you think.

For years and years, it stays this way,
in-between you celebrate
a few landmark numbers.

People are congratulating on your 80th
and you are grateful
you made it for another year.

Meanings change and years pass,
But your birthday will always
remain the same.

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