Mr. Grumpy complains
about many things.
He wonders why I hide,
he wants to be included.
But I try to ignore.

How can I tell him,
I get goosebumps every time
he catches my soft hands
and slowly rubs it
on his rough cheeks.

Mr. Grumpy complains
about his eyesight.
But oh! He looks so sexy
in his geeky specs.
If only I could confess.

How can I tell him,
I feel so safe
when I get to hide my face
in his warm chest.
Nothing else comes closer.

Mr. Grumpy complains
and complains.
He is finicky, but straightforward,
often misunderstood.
The nut that he is.

How can I say that
I am slowly getting addicted
to him, his grumpiness
and all the other quirks he has.
But that I am scared too.

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