Each year, by default, 12 am
I used to get the calls
of friends and family
all joining in my celebration.

Each year it was the highlight.
But this time it was different.
I cut the cake, danced a bit,
but not a single call came through.

I ate the dessert, skipped the wine, my brother said, it was alright.
I felt hurt,
but hid my disappointment well.

All the earlier times, flashed by.
With it memories of the moments
I had called up my friends.
I wondered if I had done something wrong.

Then I checked my WhatsApp and Facebook,
people were wishing like crazy.
My mornings were full and the day went by,
people wished and I cried.

I curse this social media,
It had made people
more accessible,
but less connected in person.

But then you realise that
thanks to it, you know the truth.
The people who really love you
will always call you.

I now have a few friends in my life,
the ones who really cared and stood the times of despair.
Because, I started seeing more clearly the day the calls stopped coming.

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