We were never friends.
Just met one day
and started dating

He knows the effect
he has on me.
But I haven't admitted
how he drives me crazy.

I adore how he has an opinion
about everything around.
He doesn't mince his words
and never does he retract.

I like how he supports my feminism.
He pushes me to be independent
and helps with things
that help me evolve.

He has his moments of being
unapologetically kidish and then
the very next moment he could
reak of maturity and experience.

When I am with him,
I feel protected and loved.
Especially when
I look into his eyes.

Loud voice, strong shoulders,
His innocence lies hidden in his deep eyes.
He is no angel.
However, he cannot be called a demon either.

I haven't told him yet
and I don't really know when or how
I feel in love with
the grumpy odd saviour.

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