I fell in the water
and knew not how to swim or drown.
And society had taught that a Princess
had to be rescued to meet her Prince.
So I waited patiently for him.

Tired of waiting, I thought of seeking help.
First came a bird.
He promised to fly me away.
But as he gave a leg to save me
we realised he was not so strong.

So he said he will go, eat and
when his strength had regained,
he would come and save me.
He didn't come.
But I saw him fly with another of his type.

Next came a crocodile, but he appeared to be nice.
So I thought why not.
Oh! But was he wicked, he just tried to bite.
At first I thought it happened accidentally,
but then he continued and I had to escape.

But the scars are my lessons learnt.
Experienced and wise, next I stopped a fish.
Asked him if he would teach me how to swim.
Then came a tortoise, followed by a frog.
They each taught me something.

I could easily just leap out of the water.
I thanked my new friends and bid them goodbye.
But society wasn't happy.
You are a Princess, they tried to remind me,
I had to act a certain way.

I asked them where they were
when I was drowning.
They said, it was a lesson I had to learn.
I called them two faced bastards.
And they seemed shocked.

However, it had dawned on me,
That I really didn't care.
My life is my life.
My choices define me.

Why then must I behave
the way someone else wants me to be?
I am just a girl, trying to be a lady
in whichever capacity I want to mould myself to be.

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