You see her struggling and show tough love.
She is having her doubts, black clouds of doom surround her all the time.
She has seen days like this before. They come and go, she thought.
But this time it's stronger and she might not survive this alone.

She looks at you for help. In the past, you had helped gladly.
But her relapses have scared you too.
You have stopped believing in her survival.
She is a gone case, just like the rest, you think.

She had a spark once. But the burden of expectations killed it.
With a low self esteem, she struggled.
Every battle bloody. Some she won, many she lost.
But all along she believed you had her back.

Now she could see it in their eyes.
Some poked and probed.
What was she amounting to?
Some tried to help. But the fight was internal.

As a last resort, she comes to you.
But sees only pity. You have given up on her.
Lovingly she bids you goodbye, as she breathes her last.
Your betrayal she couldn't survive.



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