He argues... uncertain of his stand.
It's not him but I am the one to blame.

He adores me with love and care,
but I haven't made up my mind as yet.
Still stuck in the past, I compare him to my ex.

He doesn't care much he confesses.
He says he understands,
Gives me all the time I can take,
But his insecurities call out loud.

He gives in and asks crappy questions.
I try to defend but I really just want to run back to my love.
The one that's not even there.

He wants me to say I love him,
but I can't.
I like him that's true..but somethings missing.
Oh that's my heart. The broken one..still on a mend.

Can't seem to trust people or my destiny.
I fight with my demons while he tries to fight with me.
He wants to know if I see him in my future.
I say maybe, but I can't guarantee.

We argue. The fight comes to a standstill.
We say good night and that's all.
He won't give up on me so soon
Or so I wish and hope.

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