I tried and tried, but I could never get over you. Once I knew we were through, I kept my distance. But in a world that's digitally connected, I often cheated and had a look at you. I wanted to know if you still cared. But each time my heart bled and I tortured myself miserably. Days turned into weeks, then into months, Your pictures changed, they showed how happy you were. While I found myself sitting alone, missing you. Move on friends said, and I did. But I always returned to you. Hoping someday you would realise that there was someone still waiting. On good days I feel like a persistent lover, On bad like a beggar. But now I am exhausted by the waiting and the idea of us just doesn't excite. So I packed all your things in a bag and tomorrow I will leave it on your door. Some memories I have still kept, I know someday I will look fondly at them. Never will I look at you again until this love dies away And all that is left inside is Love for me, myself.

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