Between the goey chocolate cake
and a few laughs with friends,
I didnt realise how late it was
or how slowly the drizzle had turned
into a downpour.
I was stuck.
It thought it would soon disappear.
But life was about to laugh at my naivety.

I looked around in panic,
My buddy was silent,
Lost in his own concerns,
worried about getting home.
I should have said something, anything.
I didn't.

In my panic, I didn't realise
how lost my other two friends were.
Conversing with each other,
without a care for the weather or their situation.
She smiled. He talked. Vice verse.
They knew it would be only a matter of a few hours.

As soon as the clouds walked away,
so did my buddy.
He could have been my night in shining armour,
but missed an opportunity.
Instead, the couple waited,
held my hand and led me to safety.

As I travelled in the chaos,
All I could think of was these two.
Friends. Trust partners. Comfortable allies.
I needed to learn a thing or two
absout life, about love, about friendship.
About being human, about caring, giving and receiving.
About these stupid rains and about having fun.

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