Where is the unfaltering faith when you need it?⠀
The one that slaps anyone who mocks you right in the face.⠀
The one that supports you when you are down⠀
because it's a tough tough world and you cannot always be strong.⠀

Where is that voice⠀
who finds you diverting from your goals,⠀
will first remind you, then scold.⠀
Who when sees you making
a mistake⠀
will guide you or light up the way.⠀

Where is that person⠀
who may be clueless in life⠀
but when it comes to you ⠀
will love you with confidence.⠀

It's difficult to find.⠀
Often you falter with your decisions⠀
and give up.⠀
Don't. Because someday
that faith, voice or whatever you want to call will find you⠀
and this fight you shall win.⠀

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