Don't be so good to me,
It's not that I don't deserve it.
I do. Every freaking day.
It's just that I will fall in love again.

And then you will reject me all over again.
I won't be able to handle it the second time.
It will hurt and pain and I will get angry.
You know what a monster I can be when I turn into hulk.

I burn everyone in sight.
You wouldn't be able to escape.
No, not even you.
In the end you will start avoiding me

We will stop being friends
and I will lose the one person
I care about the most.
Which will hurt more than it does now.

So, be there but stay aloof.
Play it cool like me.
As if I never liked you and I never could.
And hopefully,
this heart will forget it ever loved you.

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